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Twin House under market price for sale in Sodic East

Reference: NS 78144
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Twin House under market price for sale in Sodic East

NS 78144
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Finishing Status:
Core & Shell
Plot Area:
572 sqm
Building Area:
286 sqm
Landscape View
Down Payment:
EGP 2,915,716
Thu 30 Mar 2023
About Sodic East Shorouk City

Twin Houses 2 Bedrooms for Sale in Sodic East - Shorouk City By Sodic

Sodic East is a premium residential compound situated in Shorouk City, Egypt, and it is one of the latest developments from the renowned real estate developer, SODIC. The project boasts a prime location, world-class amenities, and modern construction techniques, making it an ideal destination for residents and developers.

The compound occupies a vast area of land, and it is divided into several phases of development. The construction of the first phase of the project started in 2018, and it is expected to be completed soon. This phase includes a variety of residential units, such as standalone villas, townhouses, twin houses, and apartments, designed with the highest quality standards.

One of the unique features of Sodic East is its sustainable design that incorporates modern technology, such as solar panels, to reduce energy consumption and promote a green, eco-friendly environment. The compound includes vast green areas, cycling tracks, jogging trails, a Central Park, and several recreational facilities, suitable for individuals and families seeking a healthy, active lifestyle.

The residential units in Sodic East come in various sizes and designs, ranging from two-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom villas, with modern, luxurious interiors and stunning views. The villas and townhouses are aesthetically pleasing, with elegant designs and rooftop gardens, which provide a private oasis for relaxation, entertainment, and socializing.

The amenities and services in Sodic East are what make it stand out from other residential communities in Shorouk City. They include a clubhouse, several swimming pools, a gym, a spa, a kids' area, and multiple sporting facilities for basketball, football, and tennis. Sodic East also provides a dedicated shuttle bus service to facilitate transportation for residents inside and outside of the compound.

Moreover, the compound is secured with state-of-the-art technology, including surveillance cameras, gated entrances, and highly trained guards, to ensure the safety and privacy of residents at all times.

In conclusion, Sodic East is a prestigious residential compound that represents a new standard for luxury living in Shorouk City, Egypt. With its eco-friendly design, world-class amenities, and exceptional residential units, the project provides an exciting opportunity for residents and investors who aim to seek a luxurious lifestyle in a tranquil, green environment.


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